Why Every Developer Should Blog - The Summary

Hi, I'm glad you spared your time to read this. This blog summarizes Chris Bongers Presentation for Hashnode Bootcamp II titled Why Every Developer Should Blog.

A bit about the Speaker

Chris Bongers is a Software Developer and a Content Creator. "I tweet daily web development tips that help you become a more efficient developer" - Twitter.

Going back to the presentation, 6 reasons why you should start blogging as delivered by Chris. Let's get started:

1. Stay On Top of Your Game

The first point is that writing blog posts places you on top of your game. If you're a developer, designer or whatever your job is; writing blog posts places you above other devs in the tech space

2. Improve Reading

Writing blog posts improves your reading skills. While trying to write a blog or technical report, it forces you to research, read other people's contents and read documentations which in turn improves your reading and comprehension skills.

3. Improve Writing

Another reason you'd like to start considering writing blog posts is that it improves your writing prowess. Writing blog posts can also help you in getting started with writing technical documentation.

4. Time Management

One of the key benefit of writing blog post is that it helps in making you become better at time management. If you start to become consistent with writing blog posts, you'll get to place yourself within a timeframe which helps you in getting better in managing time.

5. Learn in Public

By learning in public, what's meant is not turning the street to your workstation. What's meant here is when people give you feedbacks or point out errors in your blog posts, you get to learn more about that particular concept, make corrections to your post and also get to improve your technical knowledge.

6. Promote Yourself

Finally, the last reason you might want to consider blogging is that it serves as an avenue to promote yourself in the tech space. Writing blog posts will promote you not only as a software but as someone who enjoys sharing knowledge and giving back to the community.

Wow, I'm glad I can put this up. I hope you learnt one or two things from the summarized version of Chris' presentation.

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